Poultry Farm - Case Study

Front view of Herz BioFire 995kW
System Summary
Boiler type: 
Herz 995kW BioFire
Fuel type: 
Wood Chip
Fuel store: 
Purpose built
As with many poultry farmers in the UK, our client was looking for a better way to heat their nine large sheds which would deal with the issues of humidity and harmful emissions which arise from using a traditional system of direct fired heaters. Saving money on fuel bills at the same time was also important.
With nine large broiler houses of 300x70ft each, the farm used 150,000 litres of LPG plus 65,000 litres of oil per year. Finding a more cost-effective heating system was very important.
Wood chip heating offered a significant pence per kilowatt (p/kWh) saving. Rural Energy designed a Herz BioFire 995kW wood chip biomass boiler system to provide the necessary heat and hot water for the sheds and Draper ventilation system.
The fully automated Herz BioFire is able to burn chip with moisture contents up to 40% and a robust, heavy duty spring arm agitator with additional drive motor for the feed auger ensure reliable fuel delivery to the boiler. 
Two ceiling-mounted ventilation units combined with the biomass boiler, which produces much lower emissions compared to traditional boilers, provide the best results within the broiler sheds for the chicks.
Our client saves at least one day of feed per crop as the chicks will reach target weight quicker and with fewer losses in numbers due to the reduction in harmful emissions caused by the old heaters.
Overall there is a saving of over £120,000 per year on fuel and service costs, a day of feed per crop plus an earning of £126,000 from the Renewable Heat Incentive. Our client also has a service and maintenance contract with Rural Energy to ensure their investment is protected. Visit our Service and Maintenance division - Myriad Plantroom Services - to find out more about our excellent service contracts and technical support.