Moto Services, Cherwell Valley

Moto Services, Cherwell Valley
System Summary
Boiler type: 
Herz 500kW BioMatic
Fuel type: 
Wood Pellet
Fuel store: 
The Cherwell Valley Moto Services is home to a 500kW Herz BioMatic biomass boiler. Based at Junction 10 on the M40, Moto Services sees hundreds of visitors every day as they travel for business or pleasure.
As a 24 hour service station, the services buildings require high levels of heat throughout the day, particularly during the heating season.  
With the redevelopment of the services site after an unfortunate fire, renewable heating or power was a building regulation necessity, and Moto Services opted for biomass heating.
Moto Services required a solution that would not disrupt the site due to constant traffic and pedestrian movement. Thus a pre-fabricated packaged solution was suggested.
The benefits of this solution include the off-site prefabrication and testing, the compact size and available for delivery to site in a short turnaround time.
Rural Energy delivered the Herz boiler to the packaged plant room manufacturer and installed it before delivery to site and integration with the heating system. The plant room sits behind the main service building and is finished in a matching colour and style, blending in with the site.
Since this installation, Moto have expanded their biomass remit to other sites. Rural Energy’s partner company Just Biomass has provided two more packaged solutions with Herz boilers.